Urban Grind

Sums up this past season in two words. Driving around and either finding a spot or going to one that we pre scouted. Setting up getting the shot and moving on. These shots are from an early season outing. Alex and myself had a few hours to kill so we decided to go set something up and maybe get a shot. There is a quick write up in issue #31 of Steez Magazine. It was an interesting day to say the least. 

Video Games Event Waterville Valley

The bEASTly boys are back at it filming another segment for the on going Video Games Event contest. The sun was out and the mercury was hovering around 40 degrees. The Nun was out trying to throw some methods, Ryan Kitt was Go-Proing the hell out of everything; and LOVE stickers where being grammed all over the place. Alex showed his dedication to the team by driving up again to ride and get the shots before having to leave early and head back home. I had trouble finding Justin throughout the day due to his change in outwear.... In between shots Christian managed to consume more hot dogs than Joey Chestnut. Barber looked like he had just been shocked most of the day, hair flow to the max. Mutty was roaming around getting the shot with his film crew on some of the features, can't wait for that edit. Always a blast with this crew. Look for their edit from WV dropping soon in the mean time check out the edit from the last stop HERE