Last Call 2013

It was another beautiful day up at Loon for this year's Last Call. Brought my splitboard out and skinned up to the park. The jump was 55' from lip to knuckle. Tyler L'heureux went one footed and then started doing some shirtless airs. Nick Julius put down a back 10 double cork. The rail setup was nuts. Tons of rail options and then to top it off a mini pipe running down the middle splitting up both sides. After breaking for lunch it was time to break in the new log cabin look for Loon's wall ride. The wallride and quarterpipe had been baking in the sun all day and was nice and soft. It was great to see everyone straight lining it into the wallride to try and make it onto the chimney. Lots of awesome happened on the quarter. Tyler L'heureux slayed it all day and took home 1st place, Shaun Murphy took second and Travis Neuenhaus placed third over all.