I am a headshot and portrait photographer located just north of Boston, Massachusetts. My passion for photography started at a young age, even though I did not learn how to work a camera until years later. As a kid, I loved thumbing through the latest National Geographic to explore the world through the images in the magazine. Years later, I picked up a cheap Canon camera off of craigslist and started shooting local snow boarders to recreate the hundreds of snowboarding photos that covered my bedroom walls. That’s when I became hooked on photography!

At one point, a friend asked if I could supply some headshots for her. That’s when I realized I was good at getting people to look their best by acting natural and feeling comfortable in front of a camera. After Peter coached me, I went from hating to have my photo taken to actually enjoying it. This is exactly what I want my clients to experience.

In a digital age where you have multiple social media profiles, you are judged first by your profile picture. It can make or break you, so you need a powerful image that conveys you in a positive light. 

I also have a passion for photographing action sports. When I have free time, I can be found taking photos in the mountains, on the beach, or at the local road-racing circuit.