2 Plank 2 The Bank 3/3/2013

Another year at 2 Plank 2 The Bank. A two man team competition where the winners split $2000. The weather man was calling for a day of snow but it held off until the end of the day. Turnout wasn't as great as last year but the competition was still great. In my opinion the rail setup gave the skiers very few choices since there were only three rails to hit. That matched with a super short transition in between them was extremely limiting. That said everyone made due and threw down what they had.  The pipe hit was skipped this year and instead everyone went over too the moguls for a single speed and style run. While not as awesome as the naked backflip from last year Max and team mate Colin Campbell did a underwear mogul run to finish out the day. Congrats to Colin Sirois and Tyler Duncan for taking home the $2000. Looking forward to next year.